Path: ChangeLog
Last Update: Mon Oct 30 22:52:26 CET 2006


 * XSPF document generator (see examples of use)

 * Renamed the methods which show the XML code for XSPF and XSPF::Playlist to XSPF#playlist_xml, XSPF::Playlist#tracklist_xml. These methods are now protected and should never be used. If you need to see the XML code, use to_xml

 * Removed the 'xspf' parameter in to_m3u, to_smil, to_soundblox and to_html

 * XSPF#playlist always returns a valid XSPF::Playlist object (both in parse and generation modes)

 * XSPF::Playlist#tracklist always returns a valid XSPF::Tracklist object (both in parse and generation modes)

 * It is able to eat its own dogfood (but keep in mind the limitations about <attribution>, <extension>, <link> and <meta>)


 * Add methods to export the XSPF document to M3U, HTML, SMIL and SoundBlox
   (using the XSLT templates by Lucas Gonze)

 * Moved the project to RubyForge (thanks to Derek Sivers)


 * First public release

 * Code refactoring: improved metaprogramming, moved from define_method to

instance_eval (thanks to Ara T. Howard). No API changes.


 * First release