XSPF for Ruby


XSPF for Ruby is a pure-Ruby XML Shareable Playlist Format parser and generator.



Documentation, code-coverage analysis and examples.



Current version is 0.4, available as a gem or as a tar.bz2 at the Rubyforge project page.


XSPF for Ruby uses REXML (included with Ruby since 1.8.2) to parte XML. It also needs Ruby/XSLT to parse XSLT. As a convenience, I will provide a gem for Ruby/XSLT at the XSPF for Ruby site until there is an official one.


XSPF for Ruby is a side project born under the umbrella of spectaKle, the open source digital signage suite written in Ruby, QtRuby/Korundum and Rails. Please note spectaKle will not be open-sourced until there is a 100% working version (late October).

XSPF for Ruby is released under the Ruby License and the GPLv2 License. spectaKle will be released under the Affero Public License (GPLv3-compatible) and maybe under the GPLv2 License.

XSPF for Ruby is (c) 2006, Pau Garcia i Quiles (pgquiles AT elpauer DOT org).
XSLT templates for M3U, SMIL, HTML and SoundBlox export are (c) 2005, Lucas Gonze (lgonze AT panix DOT com).